Katie Lee was rescued from a door step by Sonia and Geoff--

that's how I heard she came.

They loved her very much and made a beautiful life for her the whole time she was here.

Katie Lee returned their love with so much joy and fun.


Katie was a softball player; she was a piano player;

and the last I heard from her, she was writing a book about her life.

She was the new kid at the shore for Grammy and Pop-Pop,

she was Mike and Consuelo's sidekick at the parties in Perth Amboy.

What she meant to Geoff, what she meant to Sonia, what she meant to sister Jen,

no words can say.  She was a miracle for all the good years she shared with us.


I see her puckered quizzical little expression at Christmas time when she looked into Santa's face;

and I hear her peels of laughter at some silly girlish prank.


Then in her last year, some awful, selfish thing crossed her sight.

We learned it was bi-polar, but Katie knew it was something worse.

And she struggled with it until she couldn't struggle more.


And even though I know that Katie's gone from us,

I still have that kaleidoscope of smiles and funny times to remember her by;

that's how I'll try to think of her--I know she wanted it that way.

Katie Lee Krauss: January 26, 1986 -- March 4, 2003